WHAT IS AN IMAGE LIFE COACH- In a world when Image is everything, too many people are inauthentic. I have found that image is more than the outer appearance. Image should be the mirror of the inside of a person shining through to the outside.  If you are dressing according to what you see others doing, you can’t own it… you are simply mimicking what you see- how can you truly serve your fellow man that way?  Each of us is unique in our own selves. I believe we were made that way so we can all complete our purpose. Today there are way too many followers and not enough leaders.  I want to change that, by helping people find their true self.  Working from the inside out. Teaching them to be bold in who they are. This can only result in inspiration for others to do the same. I believe when you are truly honest with yourself- accepting all your flaws – making a commitment to grow everyday-  eager share yourself with others unapologetically, with love and humility.  You are contagious and a true example of humanity. Then and only then can your true image shine through.  Because you will be wearing the clothes….. The clothes will not be wearing you, and that is unforgettable